Thursday, November 03, 2011

DORAI Foundation involved in working for a social transformation, mobilizing agents for change and informed prevention actors to help create public awareness and support

1. Corporal punishment
2. Sexual abuse
3. Bullying
4. Neglect
5. Child labor
6. Child soldiers
7. Sale of children
8. Child prostitution
9. Child pornography
10. Child trafficking
11. Child sex tourism
12. Harmful cultural practices
13. Sexually transmitted infections
14. Street children
15. Substance abuse
16. Hunger and malnutrition
17. Internet
18. Television, movies and advertising
19. Video games and mobile phones

1 comment:

Dennis Lund said...

If you truly care for and wish to preserve humanity... Remove the internet from this list. This tool needs to remain free and open for the communication and cooperation of free men everywhere. The real threat comes from "big brother" and there allies.. The parasitical elite who have a very different agenda for humanity. Just saying... Don't bash the internet.. Although it be imperfect, we will need it!