Sunday, May 20, 2007

sathya on human values

Human values

At the outset, I wonder the situation that has prompted somebody to create a "blogspot" for "Human Values" as if they are something distinct and different from us! It sounds as though, were fishes use some discussion group, would they discuss about swimming!! Anyway, that is the great comedown, the ground reality for us, the humans.

As for "propagating" / "creating awareness" of these values, I firmly believe that only by living them, you serve as the best example. We have enough scriptures, codes of conduct, etc. as to how to lead life, but it seems we loose ourselves in mere intellectual lexicalization and fail to understand the sublimate stuff. As Sri Sathya Sai Baba says, these human values can never be got from outside i.e. from books, shops, etc. but are something inherent in us. Some techniques, as given by Him are really helpful in adhering to these human values. The first thing is: Follow your Conscience. This Conscience is something wonderful which all of us possess and the most precious gift that one can have from God (and it is the one often being discarded!).The difference between a thief and one who is not is that while the thief knows theft is bad, yet unable to obey his Conscience, the non-stealer implicitly obeys his Conscience. A very simple example to show where the root of our value system is. And this our Conscience is often clouded by limitless desires. It is often our experience that when we long stop listening to Conscience, it will stop speaking to us.

The second thing is: Integrity (Harmony) in thought, word and deed. The results are amazing if only we make sure that we think only good thoughts and decide to speak only them and put into action what we speak. It is really a very practical solution; try this for sometime. You will know it for yourself.

Gone is gone, at least, if we want the coming generation to preserve the validity of human beings, it becomes our utmost responsibility to see that our children do not get into this mad, material race, chasing after nothings. All the so-called valuables, gold, diamond, currency etc. are given value by US (humans) and apart from that, they DO NOT have any independent value. Thus, if we want to revalue the human values, we necessarily have to devalue these "precious" commodities. These truths must be imparted to the younger generation and it is parents' utmost responsibility to ensure that a being "good" man is as important, if not greater, as being "great" man.