Saturday, December 18, 2010

corruption, Lets us be ants and worship our fellow ants

Corruption is definitely not receding, it has changed its form, become sophisticated, and has become accepted as part and parcel of life. It frequently raises criticism only when it becomes huge in numbers to digest.Only a tribal society there won't be any corruption, where almost everyone has to work for his food and fend for himself most of the time.

Corruption will always exist in some form or the other in our society, it can only be so. Any value accrual to one person, disproportionate to his effort can be termed a form of corruption or to simply put it "Value erosion is Corruption", there is probably nothing absolute about corruption, except in definition,value itself is relative. To an extend getting money out of inheritance is also a form of injustice or corruption. we have to live with some injustice in one form or the other. There is no real escape from injustice and corruption right from the day we decided to have settled life with agriculture. If you can't make your own food or protect your own self, then there will be corruption always in the society, no matter how much ever values you infuse into the blood or semen or what ever.. It is a part of the price we pay for having a settled and secure life that a majority of the society life. Those who ensure security of any kind are bound to have more power and hence will like to acquire more power to secure themselves. The need for security & privacy has some corruption built into it.

In the case of telecom fraud, nobody says raja is not a fraud, but stake sale by corporates, to get a benifit of 70,000 crores or more.. within 6 months, i am sure corporates got a lot more benefit out of this than raja. vodophone recently involved in $2.5 billion tax evasion. This thing of going behind money has to kind of stop. Money is starting to rule us. It was tool but this tool has become dangerous. anything invented for operational quickness, falls into bad hands and makes life difficult for everyone.One terrorist and everybody has to be checked, one thief and everybody doors have to be locked and everybody have to by lockers, one rapist and all women have to walk in fear in bad areas and bad times. Fear of these guys seem to rule us. Only a fearless society can eliminate such people and all the pain one needs to take to protect ourselves...can we be one? same is the case with UID issue.

Sonia Gandhi got into politics to save her husband's name in bofor's case. a weak congress would mean rajiv gandhi was not so great, not even good sometimes, but strong congress would mean he was always good and great. It would mean narasimha rao does not even deserve a mention. Now This same lady has to render justice to other people involved in corruption in congress and UPA, what do you expect from her??. Hypocracy is the order of the day in everything. A government which is supposed give education is involved in liquor sales in tamil nadu, and people who were selling liquor,tobacco& drugs are now rich guys giving education. It was goldman sachs which was involved in converting black money to white money for mafia in Newyork, now you got a great chance of becoming Fed back gov or lead a lot of govt and international financial organisations if you have experience at goldman. Even recently goldman had to pay huge fines for mall practices. But still all the big advisors to the US government have come from this greatest of all investment bank. Basically you have to master the art of hyppocracy to become super rich or super powerful and to keep it, much more than any other art.

There are people debating as to whether, I can buy insurance on your asset? in germany. It is like i can destroy your asset and make money out of it. It is called credit default swaps(CDS). They have invented instruments like that during the financial crisis, so that somebody like J Paulson can make $20 billion for his clients and $ 6 billion for himself. This the ideal and ambition of many people who get into MBAs who want to enter wall streets, investment banks etc..QUICK MONEY..NOW J Paulson is a hero in the financial world..and he gives a talk to fed bank and other financial world people, how to prevent a crisis. I were there, i would ask him put down all the money he made before he can give a bloody talk to me.Derivative traders out there.. please go and get some real job for heaven sake, lets us find some better ways of price discovery. they are like snakes entering a ant hill. sorry people i don't worship snakes.

Lets us be ants and worship our fellow ants.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Karam veer Puraskar

Sumithra Prasad to receive the Karam Veer Puraskar - a national award for social justice and citizen action on the 26th of Nov'2010 in New Delhi for her commendable work in social service.
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