Monday, February 21, 2005

keep the focus on the goal and move on!

Inter-faith talks are organised by different organisations, i attended one recently.
religious leaders from the various faiths of hinduism,chirstianity,islam,buddism and jainism gave talks, i really really did not see any difference in the way the books treated life on earth and how humans have to live on earth.

The differences come only about life before birth, or life after death. which actually nobody has a real clue about!. while these are important things that man has an unconscious desire to ponder. These are pretty personal questions i believe. nothing can actually truly convince us in this regard, it could at the max be Intellecturally and Emotionally stimulating. Atleast this is my experience, interms of trying to believe something. how can you ever believe anything on earth which is changing all the time. anything can decieve you. (if you don't believe this,shoot a question i can tell how?)

so i don't understand why these religious fights came in today today life. biggest of wars spots are kashimir(hindu * muslim) and palestine(muslim* christian) and potential spots for a 3rd world war.

Material things are associated with spirituality. when rituals are given more importance than understanding the truth. if only we can think for a minute, and ask ourselves "how does it matter?" you will get a resounding "it doesn't matter"

there 2 objectives

1 - To live peacefulling in this world- for which all religions precribe almost the same rules
2 - To understand the truth- which pretty individualistic and personal, where no one can really tell this is the truth.

so religions and difference is truely a figment created because of associations and rituals rather than by any fundamental difference. It is myopic vision of ritualistic people that is causing narrow mindedness that we see.

we are all humans, and we all want to realise or find the truth (if it exists). so no point in fighting over non-entities! why get distracted!

keep focus on the goals and move on towards it!


The Ignoramus said...

Realising the fact that we are all humans, and therefore there is no difference between Eshwar, Allah and Jesus itself is a great step towards reaching the goal.

Beautiful flow of thought.

hariprasad said...

cannot the need for peace be an individualistic notion? maybe the people who fight dont want peace.