Saturday, November 20, 2004

Human-mind and Human-values

The human mind has great potential is known truth. Great people have proved it time and again to human kind that, astonishing deeds can be achieved with mind/brain powers. Almost anything is possible by putting your mind to it.

In physics potential is the cause for the flow from higher level to a lower level. In electricity it is the flow of charge with voltage difference, in mechanics it is the flow of fluid because of potential energy etc. If there is channel to flow any thing will flow given enough potential difference, But work needs to be done to increase the potential. This is precisely the tendency of the mind too. Mind is like water(out of the 5 cosmic elements) . So what are human values in this analogy, human values are the foundation for the like check damns of discipline(societal rules and regulations.) or rather they should be.

The degenerative tendency of the mind is known phenomenon. You don't need to do anything to go mad, just don't do any constructive activity and allow you mind to do what ever it likes. Body based pleasures, emotional involement, worries, huge attachment, egoism, vanity, envy, addiction etc. Infact all the problems we face are problems of our mind. adwaitic philosophy goes one step a head and says, the whole world is just an artifact of our own minds. Everyone lives in their own mental world this is the truth if, I am right with my psychology and mind studies. No two individuals are similar in this world, no even two electrons, leave alone anything else.

(I have merely stated that these are degenerative, without give a detailed explanation.
This is huge question by itself,which I would probably try answer in the future and mostly you could find answers yourself.)

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