Monday, November 15, 2004

who is a human?

Man is a social animal- is a general saying. while, there are many animals which have societies(Ants have some kind of society i believe, many other animals move in herds). hu-man does add something to man, because there is something exceptionally different in man,compared to any other species on earth.

The ablity to think,express, and understand the the world. The knowledge component is what is makes human truely different.yes we have great resources, volumes of knowledge, probably more than a trillion giga bytes of knowledge. Knowledge by itself is useless without discipline and practise of the discipline(hope i don't need to explain this one).

Inspite of the huge amount of knowledge and various attempts to discipline ourselves, most of us sccumb to the basic animal tendencies. Infact a great amount of business, depend quite a bit on sex. (The advertising industry, most of the Film industry, fashion industry, cosmetics industry, pornographic industry, prostitute/brothel business, nightlife business etc). someone like frued, went to write a whole human psycology based on sex.

Does sex deserve this much attention.are we trying go back to animal instincts or try to move away and move into better things in the world? should we waste our efforts on sex or work for basic necessities for all, like food, clothing and shelter. are these Need based businesses or vanity based businesses?

while, millions are starving and running around naked, and live in unhealthy condtions,we work for vanity. is this why we call overselves marvels of creation. while we are potentially marvels of creation. are we?

while no ones freedom is questioned here, are we discriminating our actions, is our discriminating power used in the proper way?


Raghavendra said...

Excellent piece of write up.

Anonymous said...

Sex is the underlying cause of ALL of existence. Even spirituality is noting but a sublimation of sexuality from the mundane to the cosmic orgasm.

Of course it's going to fuel society, because society is a result of sex -- we are all here because our parents had sex. Without sex there would be no humans and no society.

We need to keep a balance in life between work, play, sex, eating, sleeping, etc. Moderation is the key. The more quality is good, the less quantity you need.

If a couple are having really great quality sex then they only need it like 2 or 3 times a week instead of everyday.

Sex is like everything else; good for you in moderation.

krish said...

may be... u are right.. ya but there is feeling higher than plain sex..

cosmic orgasm or what u choose to call that experience, i feel it is something diffrent than a basal sex... basic organism.. which u have when u masturbate.

i don't like the fact that u are anonymous... i would love u give your name atleast send in an email...

i am not sure u understand everything about what u talk about sex.. how are so sure.. what is the basis of your sureity?

Bharatiya Nari said...

Krishna explains in Gita that all human activities should be done in moderation. That is called balance.

Same with sex. It's easy enough to understand. Just enough to keep you happy and satisfied but not so much so as to negatively effect your health.

krish said...

thats true.. no body says no sex here, i was just saying the business and theories like freud's which says.. everything is based on sex etc.. which is certainly not true..

sex is one thing which involves all 5 senses hence it strength, multiple sensations at the same time.. but never the less.

human values does not deny sex in any way, what i was trying to say is that people use it sell products, using other person's weakness is not exactly right.

Bharatiya Nari said...

:::::::::::thats true.. no body says no sex here, i was just saying the business and theories like freud's which says.. everything is based on sex etc.. which is certainly not true::::::::

Freud was onto something. Kama is the basis of all things. Kama means desire of which sexual desire is only one. The whole of existence came into being due to the desire of the ONE to become MANY.

I think Freud was talking about this; the eternal dance of polarities, male/female, dark/light, good/evil, yin/yang. If you observe nature and even the sutras of mystical books, you will see an interplay of opposites.

So in this aspect sex (as the dance of two opposites and as the quintessence of KAMA (desire), is indeed the basis of all existence.

whokerz said...

how funny, sex! sex! and more sex!

this is sick, sex is something that should be shared responsibly between two people in marriage, it should be a healthy way to satisfy the opposite gender. it should be done privately.

sex should not dominate society, what should dominate is shame, shame of being so morally and ethically corrupt.

the truth is known, if sex should RIGHTFULLY dominate then most individuals should find it fine to have it in front of guest, family school etc. but thats no the case and hence it is quite obvious that sex is something that should not be advertised.

and how great is it to remain a virgin, and hold this as a form of cleanliness up on till that day that you meet a mate for marriage.